The Monster Smash

We’ve been following James Altucher‘s continuing social experiment around the idea of ad-agency disintermediation — JungleSmash, a cash contest where people compete to make the best commercial for a product of James’s choosing.

The submissions are in for the latest product: Monster Energy Drinks.

It’s a little graphic, but “Garage Can-Opener Massacre” is definitely worth a watch — as are quite a few of the other submissions.


All pay auctions? The winner of this competition will have a far lower quality than if they just hired a company...

Nadav Zohar

There are way better submissions than the one you show, in my estimation.

What I mean by that is many of them were closer to what I'd expect from a professional ad agency than the "Garage Can-Opener Massacre." For a lot of the other ones I really got the sense that somebody sharp had conceived of the idea and that somebody skilled had executed it.

Of course, it is interesting how difficult it is to express personal taste in economic terms--or even objective terms of any kind. I wonder if that difficulty is caused by the nature of taste (is it entirely a phenomenon unique to every individual?) or the nature of humans to be flawed or inexperienced (if somebody was 100% rational and infinitely experienced, would s/he have perfect "taste"?)