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Jeremiah Stanghini

I don't know if I think it's such a great idea to mandate that children learn chess, but I'll be interested to see the studies that are published as a result.

A billion pounds to their economy, wow... I wonder what would happen if/when we elect a President who is without spouse (ala "The American President"), and then s/he proceeds to get married. What kind of a boon to the economy would that do for the US?


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Jeremiah, it would probably depend on how the country viewed that president!

Although as Briton, I am inclined to agree that the boost to morale was pretty big, even if you don't like the monarchy it was still a good excuse to party. And hopefully that will have a good effect on the economy. (although there were rumors when they announced their engagement that they did so just to boost morale)

I doubt the same would be said if a political figure/ prime minister got married as the interest in them isn't on the same level, but I can't speak for interets in politicians in the USA.


I believe learning the Chinese Go will far more enhance strategic thinking, if that is what they are after.