SuperFreakonomics Paperback Drops Next Week

Next Tuesday, May 24, SuperFreakonomics will finally be published in paperback in the U.S. It has already sold more than half a million copies in hardcover in the U.S. (with more than 1 million sold worldwide), and the Illustrated Edition has gone bananas too. The paperback cover, as you can see here, is not much of a departure from the hardcover.

The book itself has some key additions: a 16-page color insert with illustrations, photos, etc. from the Illustrated Edition; an author Q&A (which you helped write); a transcript of the first Freakonomics Radio podcast (“The Dangers of Safety”); and a pair of essays by Levitt and Dubner about what their fathers taught them.

We should probably give away a bunch of copies of the new edition, yes? What’s the best way to do so?

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I personally think that the most fair would be to give one to me.


I really like the idea of explaing why you want it. There might be some interesting stories. It's way more untraditional. Oh,and please make it international.


How about just asking trivia questions and see who answers each question first? It has worked for you guys in the past.

Aaron A Aarons

Personally I think it's best to go with getting a list together and then working through it alphabetically.

The Office Dealer

People who take the time to respond to your survey with a comment are clearly the kind of fans who both deserve copies and who will be your best marketers. :)


Otaku! I couldn't agree more.


Have those essays on what their fathers taught them been published separately as well? I've recently lost my father so the topic interests me.

I already have bought the book so I'm not really inclined to buy it 'just' for two essays, a couple of Q&A's and some pictures.

Great book though, everybody wants to lend it


I suggest giving a free copy to anyone who is a student in an Economics course at an university whose name includes the word "Economics", because a) it is an amazing addition to make what they are studying relevant to daily lives, b) students are broke and can't afford to buy all those book and beer, and c) I fulfill that criteria.


I WAS an economics student and now am stuck at an actual office job. Nobody talks about exciting things like social economics anymore. Can you give it to everyone who USED to be a student, too?


Give one away to anyone sending an image of a lunch receipt for roughly the cost of the book...that way there can be a free lunch.

James Curran

I just want to say I find it morally wrong for a site dedicated to the analysis of cause and effect to do something "randomly"


Huh. Not a lot of people confident in their IQs.


I don't like the high or low IQ options. Greatest marginal utility would arise from a gift to a person who is educated/intelligent (not the same thing), but relatively unfamiliar with economic concepts.


Combine the lowest voted for categories. Right now that would be skinny high IQ people.


Let's be honest, you guys are already over-worked and under-paid. You don't need the extra stress of trying to figure out how to allocate a bunch of books to different people you don't even know. So just send them all to me, and let me worry about how to distribute them.


When I saw "HOW should we give away" my first reaction was: "well, come and hand them out".

I do like bob's idea, however, I would not limit it to lunch. Closest total amount on a receipt gets it? "I'd like 8,5 beers please"

Have a nice evening


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I like random, because that is my best odds, given the other options. Unless the 'other' option is give to every John Jackson from Owasso, OK, who has a 2 dogs, 2 cats, and a bald spot, then I think 'other' would be my best option.


I do get high on the idea of random assignment. You could ask these people after 1 year what happened to the book, just so, and compare it to a control group;-)


I voted "Randomly". However, I do really like the idea that it should be given to persons who've taken the time to comment on this post!