Announcing the Winners of the SuperFreakonomics Paperback Giveaway

Yesterday, the paperback edition of SuperFreakonomics was published in the U.S. (only $10.54 at Amazon!). And we used a random-ish contest to give away five copies. If I had known there would be so many respondents — more than 600 as of this writing — I would have had the winning comments correspond to higher values! Anyway: thanks to all for playing, and congratulations to the winners, who are:

Michael Mehrotra: comment No. 9, which corresponds to the episode number of our “Power of Poop” podcast.

Paulius Ambrazevicius: comment No. 10, which corresponds to our publisher’s street address.

Wade P.: comment No. 22, which corresponds to Hungary’s suicide rate (per 100,000).

“Power Pooper” (do we sense a theme here?): comment No. 32, which corresponds to the jersey number of my favorite football player, Franco Harris.

Pat Long: comment No. 43, which corresponds to Steve Levitt‘s age (at least for another few days).

Note: we counted the order of original comments, not replies, so as not to skew results.

Also: this was fun. We should do it again sometime soon, yeah?

caleb b

It would be fun to see a breakdown of the types of responses. What percentage of people mistakenly tried to answer what the numbers would be? How many just begged for the book? What percent replied multiple times?

And, are there any guesses why anyone would post a comment after 100 or 200 - but especially, why did the last 100 commenters bother to post anything, as they had zero chance of winning?

Stephen J. Dubner

caleb: that sounds like a great way to spend your afternoon. if you do it, send in the results and we'll post them here...

Caleb B

I'm not sure my employer would agree with you, but I'll see what I can work up tonight.

Joe Aspelund


D. Johnson

Yes, and how about using some larger numbers this time? If every number you use is guaranteed to be less than 100, I'd hardly call that random. If the number of comments is less than the number you choose, you could roll back through from the top of the list...