What Does Your Fed Valentine Say?

(Photo: Karen Horton)

One of the most wonderful things about Twitter is the spontaneous conversations that start around almost anything. And so, inspired by the hilarious #HealthPolicyValentines, I began a new hashtag on Twitter this morning: #FedValentines.  Folks are tweeting all sorts of Fed-themed valentine’s wishes. As I write, it’s the second-top trending hashtag in the U.S.  

Given that it’s Friday, I figured it worth sharing the fun.  Here’s what I came up with:

  • You’re my long-run target; my nominal anchor.
  •  Just like Obama’s approach to the FOMC, I will always keep an open seat for you.
  •  You’re my gold standard.
  • Like fiat money, our love is built on trust.
  • Baby, we’re so so hot together that Ron Paul wants to end us.
  • Just like money does, our relationship solves the double coincidence of wants problem.
  • When we get hot and steamy, you make me Too Big to Fail.

But the hive mind that is Twitter did an even better job. Here’s my selection of the best #FedValentines:

Want to see more? It looks like the conversation is continuing on Twitter.  And please, either add your own Fed Valentines to the comments, or tweet with them with the #FedValentines hashtag.


Hi Justin, I started the #healthpolicyvalentines I'm glad you liked it!

John B. Chilton (@uaeeconomist)

Chicago Fed President Charlie Evans famously said in a speech in September that given the high rate of unemployment the FOMC should be acting like its hair is on fire. In his honor I produced this tweet (shameless, I know):

John B. Chilton @uaeeconomist
@ChicagoFed My hair's on fire for U. #FedValentines


I know you've been depressed before, but don't worry my love, I won't let it happen ever again.


What, none of these include the word Helicopter?

Allan Schoenberg

How much do I love thee? Let me check the discount rate.


#FedValentines - is that a government bailout in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?