Who Is Listening to Freakonomics Radio?

We’ve now been making Freakonomics Radio for three years. (Here is a complete archive; you can also subscribe at iTunes or get an RSS feed.)

We have a good sense of the number of listeners (we do roughly 3 million downloads a month) but when it comes to who those listeners are, we don’t know very much. So we’ve put together a listener survey, below. If you have five spare minutes, please fill it in. What can we give you in return? If all goes well, more free podcasts!


Andrea Saenz

I download the iTunes podcast, and even though I'm not an economist, I have quickly become a faithful listener since I started subscribing last summer. I've heard all the podcasts at least twice through, and I wish you guys could put out a full episode a week! I really hope you can keep this going!

Eric A.

When do we get to see the results? Next Week?


The survey is flawed. The question that asks what other podcasts I listen to requires an answer, but it doesn't have an option for "Other". Does that mean I'm required by you to listen to at least one of those? haha. Granted, it's not all that important. Also, that list is missing the #1 podcast in the world (or at least top 5), The Adam Carolla Show.

Also, for "how often do you listen to the show", you need a "binge listening sessions every few months" option. That's what I would click.

Thanks for the show!


Even though I'm currently living in the US, I am not a US citizen. I started listening to the podcast back in my home country, Guatemala. The survey doesn't allow a country input option.

Seminymous Coward

International was at the bottom of the list.


Number 15 would only show up to a # 5 on my phone...


It would be nice to have an "other" category for gender, for those of us outside the traditional binary.

Seminymous Coward

I answered that I listen to them all, but, for the record, I actually read all the transcripts. You talk too much slower than I read, to be honest.


I really enjoy listening to the Freakonomics podcast. While I am a big proponent of the *free* podcast, if you are looking for a revenue model to keep things going, I'd consider a "freemium" style model similar to what is done for another podcast I follow called Mysterious Universe. They have free episodes for all and extended versions and other perks available for subscribers.

Keep up the great work!


this survey does not work on andriod. cannot seem to scroll right to click next

Alan T

I never listen to the actual podcasts, but I always read the transcripts.

Andrew B

You are the best podcast. My only complaint is your "reruns" where you put a few new things on but mostly rerun an old topic with old material.

Mia C

I think this survey was remiss in not including "homemaker" or "stay at home parent" as an occupation. Yes, "not working" was a choice, but not working could mean any number of things, from being retired, unemployed but looking for a job, or a stay-at-home parent. I had a well paying job in the computer field before my husband and I made the choice for me to stay at home for our family's sake. Lumping in all the different "not working" scenarios seems as if it would skew the survey.

Jennifer Spencer

I just completed the survey. I live overseas, working for the US Army in Germany as a civilian. Wish we'd had the option for "AE" as our state. Also, gov't/military was not listed as an option for career.

Love your podcast!


Love your show. I would like to listen more often but work -family related activities get in the way. You might have done this before, but I would like to hear a show about why divorce lawyers charged so much and how thus that really help the client. In my experience they take so much advantage of how emotional the issue is and how being emotional hurts your finances tremendously. I have the lawyer 38K to gain only 40K from my ex. When would I be able to ever recover from the financial disaster that my divorce cause?

Sarah C.

As a stay at home mom I resented having to enter "not working". How about a podcast on the economics of parenting 0-5 year olds. Quality daycare/preschool is freaking expensive!

Peter McCorison

I >read< the podcast transcriptions. Does that count?

Mike solan

I enjoy the podcasts where Leavitt destroys "conventional wisdom" via economic analysis e.g. guns.


I could only answer the first 'page' of questions. When I hit 'next', it sent me to the Survey Monkey main page. Would have loved to take the whole survey! Only got to 'occupation'.

Not Schumpeter

Is this part of another podcast? Are we being studied?