Dazzling audiences around the world with their wry and unconventional insights, Steve Levitt and Stephen Dubner offer data-based stories of things that actually influence human behavior, and demonstrate which incentives work, which ones don’t — and why.

Their first two books, Freakonomics (2005) and SuperFreakonomics (2009), have sold more than 5 millions copies worldwide. Then there’s the award-winning blog, the top-ranked radio show and podcast, and their starring roles in Freakonomics: The Movie. In a lecture, Levitt and Dubner bring all this material to life. They are as entertaining as they are illuminating, using humor and first-rate storytelling to discuss the sort of topics that are on everyone’s mind these days.

They have lectured together and individually, in small settings and very large, at conferences, universities, and elsewhere.

Levitt and Dubner are represented by the Harry Walker Speaker Agency.

Contact: 646-227-4900 or info@harrywalker.com

“I very much want to thank them both for doing such an outstanding job. All of the feedback from their presentation has been incredibly positive – our IBM clients, the IBM attendees, even my Drury colleagues, have all been raving about their participation in the Conference, and all of the tweets have also been really terrific. Levitt & Dubner were both really great, both on-stage and off, and know I look forward to the next one which I hope is soon.”
– Drury Design Dynamics, Inc.

“They were fab. Funny, interesting, gracious.”
– Premier Health Alliance

“Dubner and Levitt spoke to capacity crowds and couldn’t have been more accommodating. They had to do two different programs, one of which was an honors seminar, which was very exciting with lots of probing questions. They completely sold out the evening lecture.”
– Ohio State University

“They were absolutely incredible!!! Amazing!!! … Everyone loved them – the book-signing and meet-and-greet were great. They were the best speakers we had this year. Hard to top!!”
– WBBM Newsradio 780 (Chicago)