Macro Insights from the Brookings Panel

Today, I’m off at the spring meeting of the Brookings Panel on Economic Activity.  And for any serious student of the economy, it’s a great line-up of papers.  (Full disclosure: David Romer and I are the editors.  We commissioned the papers, so of course we love ‘em.)

Rather than write about the papers, I figured it might make more sense to just chat about the key findings, here:

Want to see more?  The full set of papers are available here.  And all of them are relevant to today’s ongoing macroeconomic debates:

The highlights:

*   Annamaria Lusardi, Daniel Schneider and Peter Tufano on Household Financial Fragility

*   Eric Swanson on Operation Twist: Quantitative Easing in the 1960s

*   Greg Mankiw and Matt Weinzierl on Optimal Stabilization Policy

*   Larry Ball and Sandeep Mazumder on Inflation During the Great Recession

*   Michael Burda and Jenny Hunt, Explaining the German Labor Market Miracle

*   Alan Krueger and Andreas Mueller on Job Search and Well-being during Unemployment Spells