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Who Is Alan B. Krueger?

…Here’s a run-down of what’s being said about Krueger today: Over at Ezra Klein’s Washington Post Wonkbook, Brad Plumer has a good in-depth look at Krueger’s most notable research. At…

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Episode 177

Regulate This!

Airbnb, Uber, Lyft, EatWith, and other companies in the “sharing economy” are practically daring government regulators to shut them down. The regulators are happy to comply.

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Episode 311

Why Is the Live-Event Ticket Market So Screwed Up?

The public has almost no chance to buy good tickets to the best events. Ticket brokers, meanwhile, make huge profits on the secondary markets. Here’s the story of how this…

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Episode 58

What Do Hand-Washing and Financial Illiteracy Have in Common?

Education is the surest solution to a lot of problems. Except when it’s not.

Middle-Class Suicide Bombers

Economist Alan Krueger‘s excellent work on terrorism — which we’ve discussed before — comes to the conclusion that suicide bombers tend to be surprisingly well-educated. They are not generally the…

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Episode 374

How Spotify Saved the Music Industry (But Not Necessarily Musicians)

Daniel Ek, a 23-year-old Swede who grew up on pirated music, made the record labels an offer they couldn’t refuse: a legal platform to stream all the world’s music. Spotify…

The Recession and the Klan

…data on hate groups in 3,100 U.S. counties, only to find, again, no correlation between economic conditions and the presence or absence of operational hate groups. Princeton economist Alan Krueger

Should We Hope Congestion Gets Worse?

…Alan B. Krueger found that the morning and evening commutes are among the least favored activities in peoples’ days? Yes, yes and yes. (By the way, the PG-13 rating of…

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Episode 460

The True Story of the Minimum-Wage Fight

Backers of a $15 federal wage say it’s a no-brainer if you want to fight poverty. Critics say it’s a blunt instrument that leads to job loss. Even the economists…

The Politics of Happiness, Part 3

…has pioneered happiness measurement techniques with several of his colleagues (including Princeton star economist Alan Krueger, with whom I shared a fun discussion about happiness on a radio show last…

Stats in Love and War

Using statistics for insight into terrorist and insurgent groups isn’t novel — Robert Pape and Alan Krueger have made strong contributions to our understanding of these bad actors through number…

Economists Finally Find a Cause: Saving ATUS

…data increase, it will become more and more valuable. Katherine Abraham, Suzanne Bianchi, Dan Hamermesh, and Alan Krueger are spearheading the effort to save ATUS which you can read about…

Macro Insights from the Brookings Panel

…During the Great Recession * Michael Burda and Jenny Hunt, Explaining the German Labor Market Miracle * Alan Krueger and Andreas Mueller on Job Search and Well-being during Unemployment Spells…

New Editors at Brookings

…from an astonishing array of the very best economists: Acemoglu, Akerlof, Barro, Caballero, Glaeser, Goldin, Hall, Johnson, Katz, Krueger, Krugman, Nordhaus, Rodrik, Shleifer, Sims, and Shiller all spring to mind,…

Freakonomics Born Again

…the other night from the National Council on Economic Education. My personal highlights were: sitting next to the Princeton economist Alan Krueger (who presented the Freakonomics award) and chatting with…

Dangerous Ideas

…about the list of questions was how many are linked in some way to economists. Larry Summers comes to mind on gender differences and shipping pollution to Africa, Alan Krueger

Congratulations Fran Blau!

…in labor which includes: Jacob Mincer, Orley Ashenfelter, Eddie Lazear, Dale Mortensen and Chris Pissarides, David Card and Alan Krueger, Richard Freeman, Richard Layard and Dick Easterlin. The other thing…

The Macro Wars … Or Not

…Laibson Chicago: Alvarez, Mulligan, Shimer, Uhlig Princeton: Rossi-Hansberg Stanford: Bloom, Klenow, Piazzesi, Schneider Berkeley: Gourinchas Yale: Engel, Golosov, Moscarini, Smith, Tsyvinski Northwestern: Doepke Penn: Fernandez-Villaverde, Krueger, Schorfheide Columbia: Ng, Reis,…